Help us give these kids safe neighborhoods where they can play outside without fear of gun violence, crime, drugs, and gangs.

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MAD DADS is building a brighter future in safer, healthier communities. Please donate today!

Our kids are growing up in communities where gun violence is an everyday reality. Too often, they witness violence or abuse in their own homes perpetrated against a parent or themselves. They must face bullies and gangs at school. This trauma has a life-long negative impact on their lives. Exposure to trauma impedes children's cognitive and emotional development. It also increases the likelihood that they themselves will use violence to deal with their own problems as adults. These children are at a higher risk of juvenile and adult justice system interventions later in life.

We are addressing this issue by providing children with positive, adult role models who offer mentoring and a host of activities and youth camps to engage kids in educational and community service experiences. MAD DADS connects children to counseling and other treatment resources. We refer youth and adults to mental health services, drug treatment, parenting and healthy relationship classes, and other resources to help them heal from the effects of trauma. We also connect them with jobs and training opportunities. The MAD DADS outreach team is out night after night, reaching out a helping hand to those on the street who want to change their lives. This is how we are rebuilding the community, but we can't do this work without your help. Ask yourself, "Do my kids deserve a brighter future in a safer, healthier community?" If your answer is yes, then help us transform lives by donating today.

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