Vj Smith
Vj Smith's Fundraiser


If I can raise $7,000 from now through february 29, 2016 our donor will match that amount dollar for dollar! Please help me make this goal!

$800 towards $25,000

MADDADS is serious about our youth and you should be serious about donating!

For the last fifteen years I've dedicated my life to saving others from addiction, homicides, violence, and abuse. I've worked with the youth on the streets, in the jails, and in the hospitals. Very seldom do I ask for much, but today I'm asking my friends to support the work and support this mission. The only thing that keeps me going is to see a life turned around, and for those that have turned their lives around I am thankful and I am grateful for the mission of this organization.

I look forward to your support. God bless.